Episode 6: The Dress Travels

There comes a point in many projects where nothing interesting happens. For a very long time, the only possible thing to note is that it’s “still coming along.” Hence, the long pause between posts. I have still been working on the dress and it is still coming along — I’m actually nearing the end of the skirt, at which point I will have something noteworthy to talk about. But in the last couple of weeks, the only interesting things the dress has done is develop an unusual odor (FH suspects the bottle of Miracle Gro housed in the same room as the bag o’ yarn) and travel with us to Rhode Island for my mom’s 60th birthday.

Pictured: The entire Pomata clan. The dress is the one in the middle.

Everyone looks sort of cranky because it was a thousand degrees that day, and I was making them take a picture with almost 1/2 of an inanimate object.

And now, the real star of the blog (and her camera-shy sister):

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