Vogue Knitting Hates You: Part III

(If you missed them, here are Part I and Part II.)

Today, we’re featuring a little-known bit of literary history. Say hello to Daisy Buchanan’s reanimated corpse:


She has lots of fashionable zombie friends with whom to sip cocktails and talk about eating socialites.

They have such fun!

Of course, they’re still insufferably boring and underfed (that’s just my interpretation of the book).

Old Daisy’s not quite as whimsical as she once was. Sometimes, instead of dancing or running people over, she just stands perfectly still, waiting to bean someone with an umbrella so she can feast on their flesh.

Thanks for stopping by, Daisy!

Unrelatedly, does this coat remind you of anything?

(Hint: It rhymes with "schmajina".)

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