Woooh, livin' on a prayer!

Look!  Look what I did! I hired minimum-wage workers to finish the skirt!

Kidding. Maybe.

Last night I finished the skirt in a mad rush to get out to Piano Man*. My fiancé cheered me on giddily as I counted down the last few rows and then the final stitches. I hung it up on the booze cabinet, we both took pictures on our phones, and then we went out to get drunk with a bunch of 18-year-old strangers (and my maid of honor and her awesome roommates).

I’m not tall enough for the skirt I custom made for myself. Apparently all those years of kvetching about how impossible it is to find jeans that fit my body type meant nothing when it came to actually designing my own clothes.

Pictured: My body type.

I made mistakes in the skirt. I can’t look at it without finding a place where I screwed up the pattern. I don’t know where to start with the bodice. I’m going to have to wear the kind of shoes that make my engagement party heels look like flip flops in order to pull this off.

But I don’t give a fart, because my wedding dress is half done**.


*Sidenote: Piano Man is Alan Tudyk’s little brother. VERIFIED FACT

**Proportionally, it’s a lot more than half. I would say it’s probably more like 3/4 done, but it’s more of a metaphorical half.


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