Episode 11: Break

The wedding dress project is getting a little intense. The dress’s clever design, which allows for a slight taper at the natural waist without decreasing, means that the last foot or so was worked with much smaller needles than the bottom (it started with size 8 and gradually worked down to size 5 needles). Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I’ve always found that the tension I’m using increases as the size of the needles decrease, so a pair of socks worked on #1 or #2 needles is basically like knitting with really tight fishing wire. This aggravates the carpal tunnel like you wouldn’t believe.

To give my wrists a break, and to use some of the pretty yarn I bought for the bunting, and to whip off a small project in a weekend and therefore return to work feeling accomplished even though I’d really just watched the first season of Parenthood with my dogs, I made these fingerless gloves (the pattern called them “gauntlets” but I just can’t get behind that):

It was a good weekend.

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