Episode 13: Distractions and Developments

First there were the gauntlets. They were the first distraction, and they were only supposed to take me away from the dress for a weekend; all I needed was to feel the satisfaction of a project completed quickly. Then I discovered Mosaic Knitting, which is both a book and a technique. The technique is a very cool alternative to fair isle or other stranded color knitting styles, which I still haven’t quite been able to get a hang of. The book is written by the woman who developed the technique, and contains hundreds of patterns designed to either be adapted into projects or turned into sample squares that will become a blanket, like I’m doing; you can see some of them in action at this treasury. Unfortunately, about half of the patterns are swastikas, and some of them are really subtle and intricate swastika-based designs like this one, so it’s taking a surprising amount of effort not to accidentally make a white power-themed afghan.*

So to distract me from that distraction, I made my Halloween costume:

I forgot my garlic shampoo.

(If for some strange reason you don’t recognize this little menace, go here.)

So that’s what’s been keeping me from the dress, but at the same time I’ve actually got some good news on the this-thing-might-actually-work front! On Friday, A Practical Wedding introduced me to Crafty Broads, a new business in Chicago which somehow provides the two services I thought I was least likely to find bundled together: day-of coordination/wedding planning and help with the dress. So it looks like I’ll be able to enlist some professional help in lining and shaping the dress, and I won’t have to use it as a fancy table runner after all!

In the meantime, this keeps happening whenever we feed Olive amphetamines:


The Good Sport award goes to Nick, as always.

*I’m sure they’re actually the Buddhist symbol for good luck. Really.

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