Episode 15: Thank God for Ravelry

That’s pretty much all I had to say, right there in the title, but I want to say it again: Thank god for Ravelry!

After I committed to starting over on the dress, I realized I needed a new lace pattern. Clean break and all, you know the drill. The first time around I was looking for dress patterns that happened to be made with lace; this time I’m going to start with the lace and figure out the dress part myself. (I know, it sounds even scarier this way).

This time, I started out with this stunner from Coral’s Bridal as inspiration:

It probably looks a lot like the other lace dresses I’ve posted here. The major difference for me is the train; I guess I decided that I want one, and I want it to look specifically like this one, and from a rear-view picture on the site (click on the picture) I think I can see how the mechanics work.

Great! Now I just needed to find a lace pattern. Since I’m really digging that floral pattern, I thought that would be where I would start. How hard can it possibly be to find a floral lace pattern? Right? RIGHT??

After some four hours of scouring the internet, all of my many knitting books, and my local library, I had given up on the possibility of finding anything even close to what I was looking for. I started making sample swatches of patterns that I could tell by the third row weren’t going to be it, but I marched ahead anyway. I was going to make ALL the swatches, and then when I blocked them and laid them out before me one would reach up and cry “Antoinette! It’s me! A 4″x2″ piece of your wedding dress! LOVE ME!”

It wasn’t going well, to say the least. I think I may have been cracking up.

Still, I chose temerity, and this morning I began my search anew. I had thought of something in the night: Ravelry, the internet’s version of a church basement on a Tuesday night, only much cooler! It’s where I found the pattern for these guys, and probably a lot of other stuff too. And oh, what a triumph that discovery was. Now I have 12 floral lace patterns bookmarked to try when I get home and surely at least one will fit my requirements (except maybe for the anthropomorphic desperation to be loved, but that’s probably for the best).

So here’s the new plan: I’ll make a metric ton of swatches. I’ll block them all and take really blurry cell phone pictures of them, and I’ll post them up here for a vote. Which I will take into consideration, but possibly ignore, when making my final decision.

Ready? Break!

PS: Olive decided that our new couch cover is actually an Olive blanket.

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