Episode 16: Democracy at Work

As promised, I put my hours of research to work and produced 10 lace samples in an attempt to find the perfect one for The Dress, Take Two. None of the lace patterns I found are even remotely close to the style used in the dress I’m now using as a prototype, so my pretty loose qualifications for entry were 1) pretty and 2) sort of floral-like-ish. Also note that the quality of the photographs is…well, let’s just say I’m still saving up for a camera that doesn’t come with a phone attached, and also that I was far too lazy to weave in all those ends. All knitters will tell you, usually with a little spittle forming in the corners of their mouths, that weaving in ends is THE WORST.

And here are the contestants:











You know, looking at them all laid out like that, I really apologize for my awful photography. My lace swatches look like they’ve spent the last week on the floor of a Motel 6 in North St. Louis.

Let’s make the best of this, shall we?

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that the dogs’ votes have already been counted:

Kaylee picked a write-in candidate.

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