Episode 19: Foolish Person.

“This year I’m not going to make any handmade presents.” – Me, last month, to pretty much everyone

Guess what? Now I have four current simultaneous projects and three more planned. I’m also making a five-course Holiday Feast for everyone I know on Sunday* and I’ve been down with the fucking turtle flu all week since I work on a college campus and I get everyone’s beer pong germs while their virile 19-year-old bodies fight off colds with Four Loko.

As for the wedding dress, here’s what the train looks like now:

So that’s what I’ve been doing. Bitching and knitting. And sneezing. And bitching. After the holidays I’ll post up some pictures of the four thousand presents I made for people.

“Do I look like a damn elf?!” – Me, just now, to myself

*If you’re reading this and I haven’t invited you to the Holiday Feast, it’s not because I hate you, it’s because I’m mired in yarn and my hair is currently being held back with a knitting needle while kleenex is jammed up my nose so I don’t drop a stitch when I sneeze. In other words, feel free to invite yourself. You’re reading my asinine crafting/wedding blog, of course I don’t hate you! If you’re a random internet person, you should come too…I won’t turn anyone away who brings booze.

2 responses

  1. I really think we deserve a picture of you with knitting needles in your hair and kleenex up your nose! that would make up for not attending the holiday feast.

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