Episode 28: Everything Is Awesome, and There’s Nothing to Write About

One thing that has absolutely amazed me about wedding planning, and which I was not expecting at all, has been the way the universe seems to listen whenever I say “You know what would be totally great?” At this point I feel like if I suggested to the universe that Steve Buschemi would be an awesome officiant, his people would call my people by the end of the week.

To wit: We have to work out some of the details, but right now it looks like we’re going to have our ceremony in a beautiful garden, and our reception in a mind-blowingly awesome theater, where everyone will get to eat food from our favorite restaurant, drink booze from our favorite wine shop/bar, and enjoy flowers planted by a local farm on our request.

As a matter of fact, WITHER THOU, BUSCHEMI? You’re the only thing missing here.

This is all incredible and I feel very lucky that things are working out so well so far. Of course, I’m also waiting for the other shoe to drop, but there’s still plenty of time for that. The only problem with things going so smoothly is that there’s very little to write about.

The dress? Every day there’s more of it, but it still looks like a bunch of very large, floppy white triangles. I’m very much looking forward to the day when I can stop having anxiety nightmares wherein I’m forced to wear the dress in its current form down the aisle, but other than that, it’s coming along great. I even got over my fear of math.

I also sort of finished the not-a-white-power afghan! It still needs trim around the edges and for the ends to be woven in, but as you can see, Olive has taken up the mantle of canine afghan assembly assistant:

The bottom picture is our first dog, Asta. I choose to believe that she is Olive’s ghost mentor in subjects like Afghan Assembly and How to Solicit Head Scratches, like the dog version of Obi Wan.

I, along with Olive and Hologram Asta, have inspected the afghan and found not even a hint of a swastika. Once it’s for-real-finished, I’ll put up a dogless picture and see if you can spot the Nazi emblem. Eesh, that sounds like a rejected game from an early edition of Highlights.

This dog would probably be of greater assistance (click the picture).

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