About the Carpal Tunnel Bride

CTB is Antoinette, a twentysomething IT help desk manager in central Illinois. CTB-FH is Nick, a twentysomething system administrator, programmer, and amateur Sichuan chef. We’re getting married in June 2013, and for some reason CTB thought it would be a good idea to knit herself a wedding dress. Keep checking in to find out if she was right or not.

One response

  1. Hi, I love your dress, even if it was a pain in your rear!!! I am a lifelong knitter as well, and I know this is practically a year after you finished your blog BUT your wedding dress pattern is the only one I have seen that I am dying to make for my own! So, where in the world did you discover this clever and cute pattern? I would really love to know, I want to get started! My aunt and I are knit whits together and we want to head in on an ensemble together, so I would love to know the pattern gist.

    Sincerely, Mayan

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